“Hi, my name is Peter Danzig and I’m an Ex Mormon.”

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The following excerpts are from an article published in the Salt Lake Tribune on February 24th, 2008:

Peter Danzig did not set out to be a Mormon activist.

The gentle musician spent his life serving the church he loved. He went on a mission, married in the temple, composed pieces for Mormon pageants, and taught hymns to children. He and his wife, Mary, also a returned missionary, were raising their three daughters in Levan, but driving to Salt Lake City each week to play in the LDS Orchestra at Temple Square – he on viola, she, the violin. Both believed their music was their gift to God.

Danzig said nothing in 1993 when church officials charged six well-known Mormon scholars and intellectuals with apostasy for their writings or speeches about LDS issues. He kept quiet when Brigham Young University fired history professor Steven Epperson, a member of Danzig’s Mormon congregation, for serving the homeless rather than attending church.

But in 2006, Danzig finally felt compelled to protest. BYU adjunct professor Jeffrey Nielsen lost his job for arguing in a The Salt Lake Tribune column that the LDS Church was wrong to oppose gay marriage and to enlist Mormon support for a constitutional amendment against it.

The dismissal appalled Danzig, who had explored the questions of homosexuality while pursuing a graduate degree in clinical social work. “I wish to express to Jeffery Nielson that that I admire his courage and that I stand with him,” Danzig wrote in a letter The Tribune published on June 14, 2006. “I was troubled that my church requested I violate my own conscience to write in support of an amendment I feel is contrary to the constitution and to the gospel of Christ.”

What happened next is disheartening to many who believe the church should allow its members to express divergent political and personal views. While others wrote letters in support of Nielsen without facing discipline, Danzig endured months of grueling attacks on his motives and membership.

Within a week, LDS officials contacted Danzig with concerns about the letter. They suspended him from the orchestra and for the next year, he and, ultimately his wife, defended their loyalty, faith and actions. No amount of persuasion or pleading could convince these ecclesiastical leaders they meant well.

Ultimately, the Danzigs moved out of their Levan house and, in December, resigned their membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints rather than face excommunication.

“Part of the reason for writing the letter was to find out if there was room for personal conscience in this church. I was very hopeful,” Peter Danzig said. “But now I know there is none. This has been a painful journey for me.”

Peter Danzig’s letter to the editor of The Tribune published June 14, 2006:

As a member of the LDS Church, returned missionary and member of the Orchestra at Temple Square, I am appalled at the intellectual tyranny that our leadership has exercised through the summary dismissal of Jeffrey Nielsen from his teaching position at Brigham Young University for speaking his mind in an op-ed published June 4 in The Tribune. I was troubled that my church requested that I violate my own conscience to write in support of an amendment (marriage) I feel is contrary to the Constitution and to the gospel of Christ.

I am even more discouraged to see how they deal with an honest difference of opinion.

I wish to express to Jeffrey Nielsen that I admire his courage and that I stand with him. I hope that rank-and-file members of the church as well as members of the lay clergy who also find this troubling will have the courage to step forward and let themselves be known. To do anything else would be to hide in the shadow of an injustice.

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Cincinnati, Ohio (Originally Performed by Connie Smith) (Karaoke Version)

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Cincinnati, Ohio (Originally Performed by Connie Smith) (Karaoke Version) · Mega Tracks Karaoke Band

Cincinnati, Ohio (Originally Performed by Connie Smith) (Karaoke Version)

℗ 2014 Mega Tracks Karaoke

Released on: 2014-03-07

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Circle K, 21212 N John Wayne Pkwy, Maricopa, Arizona, AZ-347 to AZ-238, 14 May 2018 GP035859

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Circle K, 21212 N John Wayne Pkwy, Maricopa, Arizona, AZ-347 to AZ-238, Smith Enke Road, Dead Cow Road, 14 May 2018 GP035859
Circle K, 21212 N John Wayne Pkwy, Maricopa, AZ 85139
(520) 568-3276

Frequently Asked Questions on Employment Based Immigration.

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Employment Second Preference (E2): Professionals Holding Advanced Degrees and Persons of Exceptional Ability
A Second Preference applicant must generally have a labor certification approved by the Department of Labor. A job offer is required and the U.S. employer must file an Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker, Form I-140, on behalf of the applicant. Applicants may apply for an exemption, known as a National Interest Waiver, from the job offer and labor certification if the exemption would be in the national interest. In this case, the applicant may self-petition by filing the Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker, Form I-140, along with evidence of the national interest. Professionals Holding Advanced Degrees and Persons of Exceptional Ability receive 28.6 percent of the yearly worldwide limit of employment-based immigrant visas, plus any unused visas from the Employment First Preference category.

There are two subgroups within this category:

Professionals holding an advanced degree (beyond a baccalaureate degree), or a baccalaureate degree and at least five years progressive experience in the profession.
Persons with exceptional ability in the sciences, arts, or business. Exceptional ability means having a degree of expertise significantly above that ordinarily encountered in the sciences, arts, or business.
Employment Third Preference (E3): Skilled Workers, Professionals, and Unskilled Workers (Other Workers)
A Third Preference applicant must have an approved Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker, Form I-140, filed by the prospective employer. All such workers generally require labor certification approved by the Department of Labor. Skilled Workers, Professionals, and Unskilled Workers (Other Workers) receive 28.6 percent of the yearly worldwide limit of employment-based immigrant visas, plus any unused visas from the Employment First Preference and Second Preference categories.

There are three subgroups within this category:

Skilled workers are persons whose jobs require a minimum of 2 years training or work experience that are not temporary or seasonal.
Professionals are members of the professions whose jobs require at least a baccalaureate degree from a U.S. university or college or its foreign equivalent degree.
Unskilled workers (Other workers) are persons capable of filling positions that require less than two years training or experience that are not temporary or seasonal.
Information provided above is for educational purposes only. One should not act or refrain to act solely based on the information provided. You should consult an attorney to assess your case before proceeding.

Shah Peerally is an attorney licensed in California practicing immigration law and debt settlement. He has featured as an expert legal analyst for many TV networks such as NDTV, Times Now and Sitarree TV. Articles about Shah Peerally and his work have appeared on newspapers such as San Jose Mercury News, Oakland Tribune, US Fiji Times, Mauritius Le Quotidien, Movers & Shakers and other prominent international newspapers. His work has been commended by Congress women Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Lee. He has a weekly radio show on KLOK 1170AM and frequently participates in legal clinics in churches, temples and mosques. His law group, Shah Peerally Law Group, has represented clients all over the United States constantly dealing with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), Immigration and Custom Enforcement(ICE) and CBP (Customs Border Patrol (CBP) under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). This department was formerly known as the Immigration and Nationality Services (INS).

Ordination at the Church of the Redeemer, Sarasota, FL 9 Dec. 2013

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The former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey of Clifton preached during the Ordination to the Sacred Order of Priests of Charleston David Wilson, Jason Andrew Murbarger, and David Stuart Bumsted, on Monday, Dec. 9 at the Church of the Redeemer in Sarasota. The Right Rev. Dabney Smith, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Southwest Florida, was the principal celebrant for the Ordination.

Rev. Bumsted, who is from Orlando, was ordained by The Right Rev. Gregory Brewer, Bishop of the Diocese of Central Florida. Wilson and Murbarger were ordained by The Right Rev. Daniel Hayden Martins, Bishop of the Diocese of Springfield, Illinois, where Wilson spent time last spring as a Candidate for Holy Orders. Presenting for Wilson was The Right Rev. Edward L. Salmon, Jr., current President and Dean of Nashotah House and the 13th Bishop (retired) of the Diocese of South Carolina.

“It was a great honor for our parish to host Lord Carey and the Bishops as these three young men begin the work of their calling as priests,” said The Very Rev. Fredrick A. Robinson, Rector of the Church of the Redeemer.

Rev. Wilson will join Redeemer in January, assisting Robinson in the areas of evangelism and parish development. Rev. Bumsted joined Redeemer in the fall, as the parish Youth Minister. Rev. Murbarger will continue his work with Trinity Episcopal Church in Vero Beach, Florida, where he is also the Chaplain at Saint Edward’s School.

The Church of the Redeemer is located at 222 S. Palm Ave., in downtown Sarasota. For more information, visit www.redeemersarasota.org or call 955.4263. /end

I’m a Big Hypocrite: Part 1 – Hypocrisy Is…

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Unpacking God’s truth about hypocrisy.

“I don’t go to church, because the church is full of hypocrites.” It’s one of the biggest hurdles that keeps people from church, and one that people use to keep their distance from God. But the truth is that hypocrisy is more than a barrier when it comes to faith. It’s something we all deal with every day.

In this message, Pastor Ed Young looks at what Jesus had to say about this potent topic. And we discover how admitting our own hypocrisy — in every realm of life — is the prerequisite to experiencing true influence and authenticity.

L.A. Marzulli | The Serpent Mount is a Nephilim Charged Site, BEWARE! Breaking News 2019!

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TUCSON JAMZ at THE HUT Episode 16 “HUT Halloween” with THE DEACON as the host of the show. TUCSON JAMZ is filmed live on Wed. nights at THE HUT on 4th ave and 8th street in Downtown Tucson. Live Every Wed from 8pm to midnight, but usually lasts until close at 2am! TUCSON JAMZ is NOT a band and doesn’t feature just bands at all…..it is actually a PRO JAM Open-Mic night for professionals where “THE DEACON” is in charge and musicians check in with him when they get to THE HUT and put their name onto Deacon’s list then he puts bands together which are comprised of all different players whom have probably never played together, then the Deacon some-how manages to see to all the finishing touches and keeps these musicians in line and on-track! I tell you sometimes it’s just magic! Regardless it is always a good time with great music! I feel like we all get a free concert every week as there is NO-COVER at THE HUT and actually most people who show up every week just call it CHURCH! The Pro Jam “TUCSON JAMZ” use to be on sundays but we went ahead and just switched CHURCH to wed. nights and people didn’t seem to mind! It is not uncommon for The DEACON to actually go through up to 30 different musicians on and off stage in ONE NIGHT as he usually only gives each set-up three to four songs. This episode features many great musicians including Bryan Dean, Koko, Angel Perez, Jeff D, Randy Wilder, Jascat, Don Noddingham, Chad White, John King, John Minnella, Charles Jones “CJ”, Julian Kaposta, Clark Engleburt, Marcus, Joe and Brenda, Susan Barrett, Chris Montgomery, Josh, Susan Ronstat, Teda Jay, Gary, Rockin Robin, Rocky, T-Bird and many many others which I don’t know their names! Come see for yourself! TUCSON JAMZ airs twice a week every week on Cable TV(Only in Tucson Az) FRIDAY nights at 10:30pm and Saturday nights at 11:00pm (Check guide for channel) Produced by Chris Haskell

Is homosexuality a choice? | Atheist Experience #644

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Is homosexuality a choice, or are people just born that way? A straight question with a queer answer…

Clip from The Atheist Experience #644 of February 14, 2010, with Tracie Harris and Jen Peeples. (Topic: The Naturalistic Fallacy.)


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